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Patience: The Red Polo 

It was a Saturday morning and my brother and I had decided that since I would be down for the weekend, we would set aside about 4 or 5 hours to go play some golf. Neither of us are very good, well he’s probably a bit better than I am, but not real good none the less. We decided that given the occasion (no occasion) we would try a new course that we found on the internet that was cheap as well as fairly reputable. So off we went. We teed off without taking practice swings and I have to be honest I was pretty embarrassed about the distance that my new Calloway golf ball rolled, but I knew that all it would take was a few swings and I’d be back into a consistent rhythm. Let me stress that it can be consistent, not perfect. We had a good time until about the 5th hole. (more…)


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Ben Franklin
Bigger than Yourself

We don’t know what’s good for us, so why do we think we do? I should rephrase that question into a confession. “I don’t know what’s good for me and I still act like I do.” It’s true for me and I’m positive I’m not the only one. We feel like we have some say in how things should work out. I think it’s a skewed perspective of our importance to something we’ve deemed “God’s cause.” Perhaps it’s a cultish hedonist movement that worships self-indulgence and relative truth. A fascination with what we can do with God in our back pocket; like the elusive scripture that says “all things work for the good of those who have god on their side.”
Benjamin Franklin was a good man; He played a key role as a liaison to England during the days of the American Revolution. This was a time when words like: patriotism, freedom, loyalty and honor were found in the blogs of leaders and visionaries of the thirteen colonies. (more…)

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Chinese Pavilion, Riverside CA
Closed to the Public

I’m sitting in a public park area outside of the downtown library in Riverside, California. I’m trying to decide if writing a journal entry and posting it on my blog is a good idea. I suppose it isn’t going to disrupt anything and I don’t have any cleverly titled, well thought out conclusions about anything in particular today so I’m just going to sit here and journal for a few minutes. First of all, for as little as I talk about Riverside and think of it as a so-so locale, it’s an amazing place to sit and gather one’s thoughts. It’s no tourist’s destination, unless colorful Chinese pavilions are your fancy. A wonderful decoration to the downtown sector but apparently closed to the public. On the other side of the street from this park there is a popular landmark that I’ve known about and visited quite a few times over the last 5-6 years. It’s called the Mission Inn. It’s supposedly famous because it’s a residence to the President’s whenever they come to riverside California. It has been for years and probably will be until Presidents stop coming to California. More special to me it’s the place where we ate dinner for my high school’s prom back in the year 2000. Yes, I was a sophomore. This place is an amazing structure. It’s built in the obvious California Mission style from probably over 100 years ago. It’s been refurbished several times over the years but has been a landmark for long before I knew about it. The Healthy Church Group (where I’m serving as a missionary) is holding our annual On Target evangelism conference right across the street from this famous Hotel this week and I get to be in charge of exhibits and all things regarding booths/smiling and welcoming pastors and their friends. Not an evangelistic event, an evangelism event. There’s a difference. Don’t get me started on why we need to discuss the importance and methods of doing evangelism. It’s not a pretty subject. But I do think it’s ironic that our Evangelism training event is across the street from a former Spanish Mission. (more…)

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