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Re:action – Possession

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It’s the theme of many intense thrillers that has you at the edge of your movie theater seat. It makes for a great story in classic literature and it raises eyebrows when mentioned in conversation, but is it real? Demons…really? In the 1998 film ‘Fallen’ starring two of my favorite actors, Denzel Washington and John Goodman, a convicted killer Edgar Reese (played by Elias Koteas) holds a demonic power that is mysteriously spread by touch. Detectives Hobbes and Jonesy, (Washington and Goodman) must solve the mystery of this demonic power before it infects the citizens of their town and kills again. Jesus’ encounter with a violent demon named “Legion” in the gospel of Mark chapter 5 suggests that possession is real, but I don’t see too many crazy old men running around grave yards these days or serial murderers blaming their crimes on a demonic possession.   

I can remember an encounter that I had in high school in a coffee shop in town with a man in his late forties that spoke to me with such opposition that I claimed he was demon possessed. In hindsight, I was a closed-minded, content Christian that didn’t know better, or want to know better. I simply jumped to a conclusion when I was uncomfortable with opposition to my concrete faith. (more…)


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ed stetzer

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Hey friends, I haven’t written in a while, a new train of thought is moving though and new posts are on the way. However, i have been reading and keeping up with one major study going on at the Lifeway research center; Ed Stetzer’s new blog deals heavily with the issue of why students are leaving churches today. I want you to read the articles that have come out and will be coming out on this issue. Instead of even writing or commenting about it I turn you over to them. Click the edstetzer.com link on the blogroll now!

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