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Re:action – Seriously


I was called out as “one of those people” yesterday! What a demeaning slam on someone’s character! How is someone supposed to respond to a statement like “Oh, you’re one of those?!” I signed up a few weeks ago to be a part of a Bible Study geared toward understanding missions and a Christian’s call to spread the Gospel. We’re reading a book, a good book. The book I mentioned in the previous post Let the nations be glad by John Piper. Last night in our discussion of the book I mentioned a great point that was made in one of the footnotes that apparently no-one had read. No problem, i don’t always read footnotes. Throughout my collegiate career if I read just the preface of a book I felt like I was giving a reasonable effort. Last night though, when the guy next to me cracked his sarcasm, I wanted to say “yeah! one of those people that actually cares.” My friend might have less of an interest in Piper, which is fine with me. My encouragement was to take the subject more seriously, but I’m afraid it’s easier to ignore the challenging parts.
So, why is ignorance so blissful? Why is it easier to be apathetic? Is this sort of ignorance leading to a much larger problem? I hope you agree that it is. (more…)


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Do you role your eyes when in conversation, random scripture reading, books and several different preachers and Bible study groups seem to be saying the exact same thing? Does it excite you that right then you’re experiencing one of those moments of divine clarity. Like God is setting the scene, and wants you to understand something. Personally, I would probably be more excited if I was repeatedly learning something like the importance of accepting gifts and receiving blessings from God, but that’s not or I should say, that’s not all of what I’ve been learning lately.
I’m not sure when it started, but the concept of the supremacy of God in missions through suffering has weighed heavily on me from the John Piper book, “Let the nations be glad.”  The supremacy of God’s will and when he says “no” to my desires was the topic of Sunday’s sermon and Wednesday’s youth bible study at two different churches I visited. We discussed the supremacy of God in the “Problem of Evil” dealing with a biblical perspective of man’s depravity and sole hope we have in Christ in a college group bible study this week as well.
I’m afraid of where this is leading. I’m so glad that I’m getting to a point of understanding these important lessons, but what is it preparing me for? What’s with the intense conviction that “pop-christianity” doesn’t understand sacrifice or suffering? Why right now do I need to learn how to accept “no” as an answer from my loving and all knowing heavenly father? Am I going to wrestle with this or is the lesson simply that I haven’t wrestled with suffering enough. That i don’t know what sacrifice is and that i need to begin seeking ways to give up the things of the flesh for the sake of the Spirit? Is it that there is not enough conflict in my life between my fleshly desires and my Spiritual calling?

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