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Social Networking

I just had a great conversation with my good friend Dr. Fermin Whittaker this morning about the topic of Social Networking. We talked about ministry effectiveness and the need for authenticity in all of our motives. Are we really after the numbers or is there another bench-mark that we should place our aim? We talked about community and how that word has become elemental in our culture.  Questions began streaming as we talked, I’m asking myself: What am I doing to take what I do to the next level of impacting lives? How can I do a better job of communicating?
Dr. Whittaker is an out of the box thinker, which allows him to step into the thinking processes of young people and look at what’s coming soon with excitement for change rather than dread. Speaking of change… (more…)

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Adventures in Ministry
I’m about to briefly leave the state again, adjacent Nevada here I come. I’ve been given another awesome opportunity to do something fun and completely adventurous. I’m preaching at a Missions camp next week. This summer has been full of crazy adventures like this and I’m thrilled to see how God will use me throughout this next week. When I get back I’m teaching an Evangelism seminar in San Diego at a Filipino conference there, so I’m having a very busy summer, reminiscent of the last two summers working at Fuge camps actually.
Well, a fairly good-sized portion of my job is to help plan, promote and work at Tsunami, the annual student conference every December. This year it will be in beautiful Long Beach again on the 27th through 29th of December. We have made decisions on most of our talent for the conference and only need a few other pieces. So far we have, Erwin McManus, Wayne Chaney, Moi to lead worship and Leeland as our headline concert band. (more…)

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