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Laodicean aqueduct

Be Used     

         Do you feel like you’ve been making breakfast for a dead relative or watering a dead tree stump? Have you come to a place seeking to serve God and make an impact, but now that you’re there you wonder if you’re ineffective? Does your ministry/mission seem kind of pointless sometimes?

I hope to brighten someone’s day when I say, it doesn’t have to be pointless. (more…)


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Oh God! How can you be so perfect? Your way is so mysterious and it completely astounds me to be in the presence of your awesome power. You answer my prayers in your just and loving way with your impeccable timing. There is nothing about you Lord that isn’t worthy of the entire earth’s praise. The Universe shouts how great you are right now. You change our hearts and minds to focus off of ourselves and onto you and your magnificence. You are so big and you care fiercely about the little ones. Your desire for Glory involves me just as much as it makes me ashamed of my pettiness. I’m sinful and untrustworthy. I’m flawed and unrighteous, self-righteous and willfully ignorant of goodness. Yet you’ve made up your infinitely wondrous mind and decided to turn all of your wrath on your sinless son and listen to his scream as he suffers for my sake, and for the world’s sake. And for what? so that we can thank you half heartedly with our conniving lips? I constantly take advantage of your mercy. I desire my own form of justice, my own self-interest and God; you love me in spite of it all. When I don’t have the faith to trust you, you pull through because you were in control the entire time. I underestimate you when I try to define you. You desire to be known and I can know you. God, your definition is beyond conception. You’re limitless and all powerful. How can you love me so much? Amen.

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Waitress II

This is Critical

I’ve had a burning question in the back of my mind lately. If I were asked by someone that wanted to know me; “What is it that you’re passionate about,” what would I say? Sports, friends, traveling, even Youth Evangelism are things that I care about, am apart of or like to be involved in, but they’re not what drive me, and in spite of their importance to me they don’t have too much influence on my day to day decision making. What does is the idea that I might learn something new today. Call me discontent, but I feel like I can always learn more than what I know. I wonder how many others there are around that are the same way. (more…)

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Empty Pulpit
That’s Just Life

I’m not going to slander him because slander is one of the things I’m so disappointed in him for doing, but this is what he said: “Well I guess you had some story to tell.” The story I told was my testimony, the audience was a group of people that could be greatly affected by it, Pastor’s Kids. The person who said those words was my dad. He was a Pastor for 21 years, and a couple years ago his decisions caused him to leave the church and take on a sinful lifestyle. The impact that these devastating decisions have had on his family, the congregation and himself have had significant consequences. I should say we’ve all experienced a great deal of trauma throughout the course of this phase in our lives, but my testimony is about how God is using it to bring me closer to Him, to strengthen my faith in Him and to make me into His servant. I’m not there yet, but who said a testimony has to be complete before you share it? He told me he was sorry that I had to go through this. He told me that “that’s just life.” I hope not.
I don’t think it is just life actually. I think that’s a very negative way of looking at life; like life is just another let down. So anything bad that happens to someone in life is just because life is a cruel thing and naturally will end in disappointment. Again, I hope not. I tend to think there’s a purpose for me here. That life means something more than just surviving with the most stuff still intact before life could take it away from us. I think it takes things like faith, love, patience, and self-control to do with life what is beneficial for us, but more importantly to get over our selves.
Who is it about? Just a thought…

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