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Five Types of Camping.

(originally written In July 2008, post delayed). I decided to plan a fun little trip last month that I have wanted to do for a few years now. When we were kids, my brother and I would go up with my dad to a little lake in the west side of the Sierra’s called Ward Lake. The fishing was always amazing and the hikes were always a ton of fun to just take off and get lost. This time I wanted to do a little bit of back country camping. Hike away from the car and set up camp with whatever we could hall on our backs. My original thought was that I’m 24 y/o so backpacking in the sierra’s is a must, even if it takes getting back in shape to do it. So I called my dad up and asked if he wanted to go up to Lake Edison in the Sierra National Forrest at about 8,000 ft. We had a good time. He taught me how to fly fish, so we went up the creek a few miles one day and caught about 60 golden trout between the two of us. We took his kayak across the lake with us so that we could fish out of it as well. It was a much needed trip, but this trip got me thinking about camping and the people who do it.

So basically, there are 5 ways to go camping. Each style has it’s own types of camper and different people find there own comfort level based on their sense of adventure, their collective history of camping experiences and their financial situation & physical ability. (more…)

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Mountains On My Mind

It’s after 1am and I can’t sleep. I have to be up early tomorrow morning to meet with the guys for prayer and coffee, but every time I try to force myself to fall asleep my brain kicks into overdrive and I start to think about hiking in the mountains. I’m consumed by it. I bought a book the other day about places to hike and camp in California, I started reading a little bit and it’s seriously keeping me up at nights. Just looking at the maps and thinking about the wilderness has inspired me to want to climb all the highest peaks and see the most beautiful vistas California has to offer. I read about a bunch of 3-4 day backpacking trips in the Sierra’s that until now were never really my idea of fun, but now i can’t stop imagining how great it would be go leave tomorrow. I’ve decided that I need to buy a whole bunch of gear too. Every time I try to close my eyes, hiking boots, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, the new camera I want to get all flicker in my mind. They would cost over $2,000 if I went out and bought it all. If it’s not the gear its my need to get back in shape and ready for my next exciting adventure that has taken over my life. I’m losing sleep and all because of this new found passion I have to climb things. Seriously, more so than my birthday and Christmas, I can’t wait until July 8th-12th when I’ll be hiking up Mt. Whitney with Tim and Joe Gentry. I really need to sleep before then.

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May 12, 2008

Mother Mary’s Head

It’s way past midnight and I’m not tired. 32 ounces of Monster energy does a number on the mind and body, none of which is good for it i’m sure. That stuff tastes like I’m drinking candy. I had a really cool last few days. Mother’s Day was spent with mom, which was nice. It’s always good to be home for a few days. The day after Mothers Day I went up to a really cool peak in the San Jacinto Mountains called Lily Rock and looked out over a cloud-ocean covering the Inland Empire all the way until the faded horizon a hundred miles west. It was a nice little hike and a beautiful day for it. I thought of something on the way down though. Climbing a mountain can be really boring and sometimes just a mundane chore. Trails switching back and forth, slowly winding around rocks, each step defined clearly with an easy to follow well traveled path are monotonous even to talk about. We didn’t do that at all this time, or at least it didn’t feel like it. (more…)

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Your Future Self

In church they told us to write down our prayer requests and look back later on and see where God has worked in our lives. Such a good idea. I never do it, but it’s a really great thing to do, I would just have to assume. But all of that aside, I’m not writing a spiritual post today. Today it’s about remembering.

About a year ago believe it or not I was in Muskat, Oman visiting my friends Ross & Jennifer. It was one of those trips that so much happened within a couple of weeks there would be no way to decipher the order of of events or the many things we did without recording it somehow. As you may know, my prefered method of recording is through text. Old fashioned, i know but it works for me. So I journalled a list of words and short descriptive phrases from my trip. This might have been the coolest thing I have ever done. (more…)

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Mammoth 11/17/07

Anticipating (great?) conditions.

Maybe its time to start this up again. My last post was 3 months ago and i sincerely apologize for the gap. I’m excited for next week, beside from it being Thanksgiving and the normal enthusiasm that comes from the Holiday season, I’m especially stoked about riding Mammoth Mountain. This weekend i’m doing a lot of sit-ups and some extra jogging to prepare for the adventure that will begin on Wednesday morning at 8:30am. November 8th, was opening day for the 2007-2008 winter season, only the main lodge is open now with one chair servicing the early birds until Tuesday Nov. 21st when two more lodges will open hopefully along with several more lifts. The snow report says that there is an 8-14 inch base but from looking at the webcams, conditions look pretty bleak. Temperatures are too high to make snow tonight so I’m hoping for some favorable changes in the next couple days. All of that negativity aside, snowboarding on 5 inches or nice, deep soft powder is still snowboarding in my book so this will be a good trip. Thankful? yes!

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Theme Picture
Adventures in Ministry
I’m about to briefly leave the state again, adjacent Nevada here I come. I’ve been given another awesome opportunity to do something fun and completely adventurous. I’m preaching at a Missions camp next week. This summer has been full of crazy adventures like this and I’m thrilled to see how God will use me throughout this next week. When I get back I’m teaching an Evangelism seminar in San Diego at a Filipino conference there, so I’m having a very busy summer, reminiscent of the last two summers working at Fuge camps actually.
Well, a fairly good-sized portion of my job is to help plan, promote and work at Tsunami, the annual student conference every December. This year it will be in beautiful Long Beach again on the 27th through 29th of December. We have made decisions on most of our talent for the conference and only need a few other pieces. So far we have, Erwin McManus, Wayne Chaney, Moi to lead worship and Leeland as our headline concert band. (more…)

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Camping in Tiwi
An Aromatic Remnant
I was sitting in London-Heathrow airport yesterday writing down a huge list of things that I don’t want to forget. I did so much fun and exciting stuff in the course of a week that even pictures, blogs, and journals don’t do it justice. One of my favorite things about this trip was the variety of smells I got to take in. That sounds incredibly weird I know, but it made the trip so much better to encounter a different scent around each corner. Some of these were scents that I had never smelled before in my life, and I feel like it made the experience all the more exciting and new to me. I enjoyed this part so much in fact, that I was actually not looking forward to coming home and smelling the same old toxins of Southern California that I had gotten used to prior to my trip. To my surprise upon arrival I was completely mistaken. The air in Los Angeles, that is usually an ugly yellowish-brown, was crisp and blue. My inhalations were in fact, not disappointing. This of course, is a rarity that is experienced once or twice in a year in Los Angeles but nevertheless it was true of yesterday. The day before I landed it had rained and there was a cool breeze that had blown whatever smog that wasn’t forced down from the rain inland and away from Los Angeles. There are actually good smells in Southern California! The flowers still smell great, the scent of freshly watered grass is still a pleasurable aroma, the Orange trees in Riverside flooded through my sinuses at 6:00am and I couldn’t help but smile. I don’t think I would have recognized them though if I hadn’t gone halfway around the globe to open my nostrils to new aromas. A friend told me recently that she is encouraged to share a common observation of the little things and ways that God reveals Himself. It’s mysteriously liberating to be caught up in our smallness, to experience God’s wonder and Grace you can’t look at life as a confinement or constraint. Instead if you open your senses and start noticing Him in the small things you’ll start to experience the excitement and freedom God’s big creation offers. So, just as I’m more eager to smell the goodness in my home state after coming from afar, I’m also more excited than ever to dive back into the Kingdom work that God is doing in my state as well. A remnant still remains of a church. There are people ready to stand up and be used to reach the lost for Christ and build up the Church. It may take seeing a new vision, hearing a new sound, or smelling a new aroma to see a bit but its there.

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