May 12, 2008

Mother Mary’s Head

It’s way past midnight and I’m not tired. 32 ounces of Monster energy does a number on the mind and body, none of which is good for it i’m sure. That stuff tastes like I’m drinking candy. I had a really cool last few days. Mother’s Day was spent with mom, which was nice. It’s always good to be home for a few days. The day after Mothers Day I went up to a really cool peak in the San Jacinto Mountains called Lily Rock and looked out over a cloud-ocean covering the Inland Empire all the way until the faded horizon a hundred miles west. It was a nice little hike and a beautiful day for it. I thought of something on the way down though. Climbing a mountain can be really boring and sometimes just a mundane chore. Trails switching back and forth, slowly winding around rocks, each step defined clearly with an easy to follow well traveled path are monotonous even to talk about. We didn’t do that at all this time, or at least it didn’t feel like it. Continue Reading »


Prof. Marler

Professor David Wayland Marler ( 1937 – 2008 )

He was my favorite professor. A very wise man, absolutely stunning. I would sit in his office and listen to him talk about History for hours, those were some of the best hours of college I ever spent. I went on a trip to East Europe on the Holocaust remembrance tour with him in 2005 with a class of about 25. Dr. Marler was head over heals in love with the girl on the left of him in this picture. She was our tour guide for the day and she spoke czech so beautifully, he kept asking her in German if she could speak a language he knew so that he could ask her to marry him. He definitely had a sense of humor. It was a challenge and a joy to learn in his classroom. Though, the topic of discussion usually went on 4 tangents before we talked about anything regarding the classes purpose. What we learned from a lecture or an assignment from one of his classes was so often secondary to what we learned from his passion. He loved history, he loved reading books and talking about them, but there was a sense that he actually loved each one of us as well. That’s why will miss Dr. Marler.

too busy

I left my phone at home today. I feel naked. There’s no reason to have my phone today, so I shouldn’t feel anxious. Like most days I will drive home later on and probably won’t need to pull over and call someone for help. If I need to call someone regarding work, or even if I want to call home, I have my office phone right here on my desk. I have so many other ways to communicate it’s ridiculous. My computer blips with a new email recieved every few minutes. I check facebook at work. shhh…don’t tell anyone. On a normal day, I’m communicating electronically all day long. Whenever I do something it’s almost as if something electronic told me to. I wonder what would happen if I unplugged for a day. Or what if I took a sabbath day. I think I would nap.

Your Future Self

In church they told us to write down our prayer requests and look back later on and see where God has worked in our lives. Such a good idea. I never do it, but it’s a really great thing to do, I would just have to assume. But all of that aside, I’m not writing a spiritual post today. Today it’s about remembering.

About a year ago believe it or not I was in Muskat, Oman visiting my friends Ross & Jennifer. It was one of those trips that so much happened within a couple of weeks there would be no way to decipher the order of of events or the many things we did without recording it somehow. As you may know, my prefered method of recording is through text. Old fashioned, i know but it works for me. So I journalled a list of words and short descriptive phrases from my trip. This might have been the coolest thing I have ever done. Continue Reading »

Dumpster Bear

The bear

While I was in college, I had the opportunity to be a lifeguard and summer staff leader at Pine Summit Christian Camp with my friends Thomas and Christal Castro. One of the best things about that summer was that I got to spend a lot of time hanging out and getting to know high school students. During one of those weeks of camp, a young man named Tony graced us with his attendance. Tony was in 8th grade and was too tall for his age making him just a bit uncoordinated. He wore the punk getup, with a sideways cap and baggy jeans perhaps to fit in or maybe to look dumb intentionally. This kid from the beginning had an easily identified M.O. He was there to impress the chics. Everything he did had the hidden or not-so-hidden agenda of scoring himself a camp girlfriend. Continue Reading »


“Thank you for that.”

I woke up today and thought to myself “I enjoyed life much more when I was writing.” I realize that by writing this thought down, my mom will upon reading this call and ask if I’m depressed. So, the answer will be no, because I’m writing. The trouble is where to begin when it’s been nearly 6 months since my last post. A few months ago, I lived in the suburban town of Clovis, in a new neighborhood, in a new house that my roommate Mike had bought right behind a brand new elementary school. We’ve been good friends and he knew my financial situation so he gave me a really good deal on rent. I had my own room, my own garage space, I could go out in our 100 sq. foot back yard (really little, but also nice and quaint) and sit on the brick wall and look at the stars at night. We had a fireplace and a huge tv, wireless internet, and a community pool 100 yards away, much more than a missionary needs. It was great and I was content. Mike is getting married at the end of May to his fiancé Ersilia, so a natural inclination to change domiciles became apparent. Continue Reading »

Mammoth 11/17/07

Anticipating (great?) conditions.

Maybe its time to start this up again. My last post was 3 months ago and i sincerely apologize for the gap. I’m excited for next week, beside from it being Thanksgiving and the normal enthusiasm that comes from the Holiday season, I’m especially stoked about riding Mammoth Mountain. This weekend i’m doing a lot of sit-ups and some extra jogging to prepare for the adventure that will begin on Wednesday morning at 8:30am. November 8th, was opening day for the 2007-2008 winter season, only the main lodge is open now with one chair servicing the early birds until Tuesday Nov. 21st when two more lodges will open hopefully along with several more lifts. The snow report says that there is an 8-14 inch base but from looking at the webcams, conditions look pretty bleak. Temperatures are too high to make snow tonight so I’m hoping for some favorable changes in the next couple days. All of that negativity aside, snowboarding on 5 inches or nice, deep soft powder is still snowboarding in my book so this will be a good trip. Thankful? yes!