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Five Types of Camping.

(originally written In July 2008, post delayed). I decided to plan a fun little trip last month that I have wanted to do for a few years now. When we were kids, my brother and I would go up with my dad to a little lake in the west side of the Sierra’s called Ward Lake. The fishing was always amazing and the hikes were always a ton of fun to just take off and get lost. This time I wanted to do a little bit of back country camping. Hike away from the car and set up camp with whatever we could hall on our backs. My original thought was that I’m 24 y/o so backpacking in the sierra’s is a must, even if it takes getting back in shape to do it. So I called my dad up and asked if he wanted to go up to Lake Edison in the Sierra National Forrest at about 8,000 ft. We had a good time. He taught me how to fly fish, so we went up the creek a few miles one day and caught about 60 golden trout between the two of us. We took his kayak across the lake with us so that we could fish out of it as well. It was a much needed trip, but this trip got me thinking about camping and the people who do it.

So basically, there are 5 ways to go camping. Each style has it’s own types of camper and different people find there own comfort level based on their sense of adventure, their collective history of camping experiences and their financial situation & physical ability. (more…)

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