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Re:action – Out of the Rut

Out of the Rut

Music is an extremely important part of my life. I don’t play jack, but I listen obsessively. When I used to buy cd’s along time ago (now I buy mp3-4’s), I would listen to it over and over again until it became a boring sound. The cd’s were great. I practically wore the shine off of Matchbox Twenty’s “You, yourself, or something like you,” but they got old really quickly. I was in a musical rut for the last couple of months and I was listening to great music. It was so good that it was pretty much on loop. I do not recommend using the loop setting on your iPod. Most people do this with bands like Coldplay and Jimmy and my advice to you is STOP! Take a break from it or you’ll ruin great music! You’ll be like one of those smug music snobs that looks down at people who listen to music that’s not in “the scene.” (more…)

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