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Your Future Self

In church they told us to write down our prayer requests and look back later on and see where God has worked in our lives. Such a good idea. I never do it, but it’s a really great thing to do, I would just have to assume. But all of that aside, I’m not writing a spiritual post today. Today it’s about remembering.

About a year ago believe it or not I was in Muskat, Oman visiting my friends Ross & Jennifer. It was one of those trips that so much happened within a couple of weeks there would be no way to decipher the order of of events or the many things we did without recording it somehow. As you may know, my prefered method of recording is through text. Old fashioned, i know but it works for me. So I journalled a list of words and short descriptive phrases from my trip. This might have been the coolest thing I have ever done. (more…)

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